Mangold Talks The “Logan” Caliban Screw-Up

While “Days of Future Past” was able to reset a bunch of continuity errors with the “X-Men” franchise, that hasn’t stopped them from making new ones such as in the past year a character appearing in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Apocalypse” also appearing in James Mangold’s “Logan”.

Specifically Caliban, the albino tracking mutant played by Tomas Lemarquis in a cameo in ‘Apocalypse’ and by Stephen Merchant in a major role in “Logan”. As events between the films are set 46 years apart, there’s an inconsistency in terms of aging on screen.

So why did that happen? Turns out it was the most basic mistake of them all – a lack of communication. In a story gaining traction now, despite the interview having been published back in late January, “Logan” director James Mangold explained to The Nerdist:

“It’s a funny, messy story of how so often these things are not as coordinated as everyone thinks. I actually had written him into our movie, and they didn’t know [he was] in Apocalypse, and then they kind of wrote it in their movie, and they cast someone in their movie and I had not seen it and was working away on mine.”

So essentially it’s a lack of oversight. A minor mishap that isn’t really an issue, but will be annoying for those who had hoped ‘Days’ would serve as a fresh start.

“Logan” is currently in cinemas everywhere.