The 2020 Golden Globe Nominations

The 2020 Golden Globe Nominations

Several critics groups have already weighed in. Over this past weekend alone, "The Irishman" and "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" leed the number of nominations for the 25th Critics Choice Awards, while the Los Angeles Film Critics...
Votd Henry Thomas Et Reunite For An Ad

VOTD: Henry Thomas & ET Reunite For An Ad

Comcast, who owns Universal Pictures, has debuted a new four-minute Xfinity ad titled "A Holiday Reunion" which serves as a pseudo-sequel to Steven Spielberg's classic " E.T. the Extraterrestrial". Actor Henry Thomas reprises his role of Elliott opposite the puppet...
Rian Johnson Talks Surviving Last Jedi Hate

Rian Johnson Talks Surviving “Last Jedi” Hate

Aside from J.J. Abrams, no filmmaker is more linked to the current era of the "Star Wars" films than "Looper" and "Brick" helmer Rian Johnson. Johnson's 2017 film "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," the follow-up to Abrams' "Star Wars: The...
Kitsch Talks The John Carter Reassessment

Kitsch Talks The “John Carter” Reassessment

He's handsome as hell and scored much acclaim for his work as Tim Riggins on NBC's "Friday Night Lights" series, but Taylor Kitsch's big screen efforts have been more of a mixed bag. Hollywood tried to turn him into a...
Disney Still Isnt Impacting Other Svods

Disney+ Still Isn’t Impacting Other SVODs

Two weeks on from its debut, and not only is the Disney+ streaming service exceeding all expectations, but that success is not having a chilling effect on the competition as some had predicted. App-analytics researcher Apptopia reports that from November...
James Gunn Nearly Helmed Superman

DC Future Films Pick Up Speed

A new feature piece in Variety has gone into the future of Warners' films based on DC Comics heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and more. Bouncing back from the disastrous "Justice League," the studio has made over $1...
Video Details Of Mandalorian Stagecraft Tech

Closer Look At “Mandalorian” Stagecraft Tech

Costing $15 million an episode, the live-action "Star Wars" series "The Mandalorian" from the Disney+ streaming service is expensive as hell, but funnily enough actually looks like it cost more than that in the final product. The incredibly rich cinematic...
Star Wars Greedo Actor Talks Maclunkey

“Star Wars” Greedo Actor Talks Maclunkey

One thing even Disney didn't expect in the wake of its Disney+ streaming service launch is that so much of the conversation that has arisen about it has all come back to one word from a restored piece of...
Disney Adds Outdated Depictions Warning

Disney+ Adds ‘Outdated Depictions’ Warning

One question that arose before the arrival of the Disney+ streaming service was how the family-friendly platform would deal with some of the overt racism and sexism among other things in their older animated fare. "Dumbo," "The Aristocats," "Lady and...
George Lucas Blamed For New Greedo Edit

George Lucas Blamed For New Greedo Edit

Maclunkey. If there's one word that's spreading through fandom in the past 24 hours it's that one. When Disney+ made its debut last night, one of the first things played by many was "Star Wars: Episode IV - A...
Cg James Dean Is Only The Beginning

CG James Dean Is Only The Beginning?

Recently came a huge outcry when news broke that the late James Dean would be digitally resurrected to 'star' in the second lead role in the new Vietnam War film "Finding Jack". Late actors have been resurrected from the grave...
Disney Goes Live More Details Emerge

Disney+ Goes Live & More Details Emerge

Disney officially launched its streaming service Disney+ a few hours ago (just after midnight EST) and further details about the service are now starting to come in. First up, the studio has made it official that the streaming service will...
Disc Sales Slump Hard As Svod Explodes

Disc Sales Slump Hard As SVOD Explodes

We all know physical media is dying out compared to streaming, but a new CNBC report shows just how far home video formats have fallen. DVD broke out in 2000 and reached its glory days from 2004-2007, with its peak...
Hulu Is The New Streaming Home Of Fx

Hulu Is The New Streaming Home Of FX

Hulu is officially set to become the streaming home of one of the most award-winning TV original series libraries out there, FX, as Disney's plans for the cable channel's back catalogue have come to light. In March next year, Hulu...
Disney Needed To Follow Mcu Future

Disney+ Is Needed To Follow MCU Future

Everyone has their biases and among cinephiles, one of them can be TV. Some hardcore film lovers can't stand scripted television on the whole, some will only look at a handful of shows and hold them up to...
Breaking Bad Movie To Shoot Imminently

“Breaking Bad” Tops 2010s Best TV Poll

Frequent quality film and TV poller Jordan Ruimy has conducted a survey for World of Reel of nearly 100 TV critics, journalists, bloggers, entertainment reporters, and actors/directors to find out what constitutes the best TV series of our current...
Emmerich Day After Tomorrow Scared Studios

Emmerich: “Day After Tomorrow” Scared Studios

Probably considered one of his better disaster epics, filmmaker Roland Emmerich's 2004 entry "The Day After Tomorrow" tackled something head on that hadn't really been done by major blockbusters at that point - climate change. Emmerich's films often command a...
Cameron New Terminator Editing A Bloodbath

Cameron: New “Terminator” Editing A ‘Bloodbath’

"Terminator: Dark Fate" is about to hit cinemas everywhere and one of the biggest changes this time compared to the last three is that director Tim Miller was able to collaborate with producer James Cameron who has otherwise been...
Hbo Max Unveils Its New Content Line Up

HBO Max Unveils Its New Content Line-Up

WarnerMedia unveiled its HBO Max service line-up, service and goals today in a two-hour often dry and sometimes too rushed presentation that encompassed a range of announcements. Costing $14.99 per month and launching May 2020 (with an ad-supported iteration in...
Disneys Iger Responds To Marvel Criticisms

Disney’s Iger Responds To Marvel Criticisms

While some of the filmmakers on the Marvel side have weighed in on the ongoing discussion about famed auteur directors disliking or outright despising Marvel movies and their impact on cinema, one key name has now finally offered their...
Scorsese Has More To Say On Cinema Today

Scorsese Has More To Say On Cinema Today

It ain't just Marvel movies in his sights today. Filmmaker Martin Scorsese drew headlines a few weeks back saying he wasn't a fan of Marvel movies, dubbing them 'not cinema' and more akin to theme park rides than films. Those comments...
China Cancels Tarantinos Hollywood Release

China Cancels Tarantino’s “Hollywood” Release

Quentin Tarantino's hopes of taking "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" to China next week, his first proper release in the Middle Kingdom in years, appear to be in ruins. The film was expected to open there as Chinese financier,...
Studio Ghibli Films Coming To Hbo Max

Studio Ghibli Films Coming To HBO Max

A day after a representative for indie animation distributor GKIDS indicated to an outlet this week there were no plans for Studio Ghibli's film library to come to streaming, the studio itself has now very publicly changed that policy. In...
New Lion King Character Posters Tv Spot

Elton John Disappointed By “Lion King” Remake

While it made a bunch of money, critical reaction towards Disney's "The Lion King" remake was not kind - the visuals were praised for their realism, but the film was widely derided as being hollow, unmoving, even downright creepy. In...
Norton Theaters Not Netflix Are Killing Cinema

Norton: Theaters, Not Netflix, Are Killing Cinema

Talk with anyone in the film industry and they'll almost certainly have an opinion on the ongoing recent debate over the true definition of cinema as filmmakers from Steven Spielberg to Martin Scorsese have all weighed in on the...
Disney Announces Over 600 Catalog Titles

Disney+ Announces Over 600 Catalog Titles

The official Twitter feed for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service went nuts today, tweeting out graphics for nearly 600 titles that will be available on the service launching on November 12th. The list includes a ton of classic movies and...
First Trailer Martin Scorseses The Irishman

Scorsese Defends Netflix’s “Irishman” Backing

The international premiere of Martin Scorsese's "The Irishman" closed out the London Film Festival this weekend where the Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci vehicle played to rave reviews and serious awards talk, just like in the...
Ed Norton Reflects On Hulk Departure

Ed Norton Reflects On “Hulk” Departure

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is like a well-oiled machine at this point, but in its early days it broke a few cogs getting to where it needed to be. Case in point is "The Incredible Hulk," the Ed Norton-led...
Scorsese Marvel Movies Are Not Cinema

Scorsese: Marvel Movies Are “Not Cinema”

Film Twitter & Reddit are abuzz this morning over some new comments from master filmmaker Martin Scorsese who has pretty much ruled himself out of making a comic book movie. While Marvel Studios has been increasingly hiring some impressive auteurs...
Edgerton Regrets Boy Erased Cinema Release

Edgerton Regrets “Boy Erased” Cinema Release

Aussie actor Joel Edgerton has made waves in recent years as a filmmaker in his own right, directing both 2015's "The Gift" and last year's "Boy Erased" - the first opening wide and the second in limited release. Recently he's...

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