Shyamalan Teases His Next Three Films

Shyamalan Teases His Next Three Films

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan recently followed up his film “Glass” earlier this year with the TV series “Servant” which has just launched on the Apple TV+ streaming service the other day.

Doing promotional rounds for the latter, Collider asked him about his upcoming projects which include new films set for 2021 and 2023 releases. The filmmaker confirmed a third one is also joining them, each is standalone with no connection, and all are in early stages of development.

He also says he will adopt the same model for these as he’s done for most films since “The Visit” – namely minimal, contained thrillers made for cheap and which he owns overall. The result?

“I own them, we take big tonal risks and try to hit that note of absurd-but-grounded, that dark humor moment and deal with some complicated things and not necessarily take the audience where they’re comfortable, both during or even at the end. Even if it’s tricking myself into being more dangerous, it’s working because when I think about these three films that I’m thinking about – all weird and dark – I think that they speak to each other a little bit.”

“Servant” is now streaming on AppleTV+.