Jackson Shows “Mortal Engines” Concept Art

Peter Jackson has premiered the first concept art for the upcoming film adaptation of Philip Reeve’s young adult novel series “The Mortal Engines” at MRC & Universal Pictures.

Robert Sheehan, Hugo Weaving and Stephen Lang lead the cast in this adaptation of Philip Reeve’s young adult novel series set in a devastated future world where the world’s cities are run by engines and move about Earth, giving them the ability to prey on other smaller towns for resources.

The story follows a teenager named Tom Natsworthy who, along with a young woman from a territory known as the Outlands, uncovers a mystery that could change the world order.

Jackson’s protege Christian Rivers is directing the project which Jackson is producing. Jackson, wife Fran Walsh and collaborator Philippa Boyens are adapting the script. The project is being produced in New Zealand.

“Mortal Engines” opens in cinemas on December 14th 2018.