Cumberbatch Gives His ‘Auteurs Vs. MCU’ Take

“Sherlock” and “Doctor Strange” star Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show to promote the historical drama “The Current War” this week and during the interview, he was asked his thoughts on the ongoing “Are Marvel movies cinema?” debate.

His MCU cohort Robert Downey Jr. was one of the first actors from the Marvel films to discuss his take, also on SiriusXM albeit Howard Stern’s show, and Cumberbatch has now given one of the more level headed takes to the discussion which began with comments from Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola and has snowballed from there.

Cumberbatch is not only at the heart of the MCU, but is also an actor who regularly jumps between commercial blockbusters and auteur-driven arthouse fare. His take:

“I know there’s been a lot of debate recently with these very fine filmmakers coming to the fore saying that these film franchises are taking over everything, but lucky us actors who get to do both kinds of variety at either polarity of budgeting. And I agree, you know. We don’t want one king to rule it all and have a kind of monopoly and that. And hopefully that’s not the case, and we should really look into continuing to support auteur filmmakers at every level.”

Cumberbatch also used the interview to lightly roast co-star Tom Holland, saying: “I was teaching him how to shave on this, he’s so young. It’s ridiculous.” “The Current War” opens this Friday.

Source: SiriusXM