China Censors Cut “Alien: Covenant” Fass-Kiss

Chinese censors have laid into Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant,” removing six minutes of footage which includes several scenes with the xenomorphs and the film’s unexpected male-male kiss.

During the film, identical cyborgs David and Walter (both played by Michael Fassbender) shared both a homoerotic flute training scene, followed by a scene in which David tells Walter that no one will love him like he does, the pair share a kiss.

Censors have pulled the latter scene and much of the alien horror moments, falling in line with Chinese government censorship laws which work under the guise of protecting children from sexual or violent imagery.

Chinese TV shows are also forbidden from showing gay relationships, but films don’t have the same restriction even though censors err on the side of caution. Even so, the relationship here is less a romatic one than something almost familial.

Altogether, about six minutes of footage was cut from the Chinese release, most of it being scenes of blood and gore. Due to the cuts, it means the actual aliens are reportedly only on screen for a total of one to two minutes.

This follows in the wake of Chinese censors cutting fourteen minutes out of “Logan” and eight from “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” earlier this year.

Source: Heat Vision