Jordana Brewster Confirmed For “Fast 9” Return

Jordana Brewster Confirmed For Fast 9 Return

Social media superstar Vin Diesel has offered another update on the currently filming “Fast and Furious 9,” this time confirming that his onscreen sister, actress Jordana Brewster, has returned to the films after skipping out on the last one.

Brewster played Mia in five of the eight previous films, a character who is both the sister of Dom (Diesel) and the love interest of Brian O’Connor (the late Paul Walker). How she’s brought back into the fold and how the new film deals with Brian’s absence is not clear.

In his Instagram post, Diesel says: “Okay, we’re here, and it is day four. We are still in gratitude because this is such a beautiful place to shoot. We love filming in London, this is one of many locations. I’m here with Jordana – Mia – my incredible sister on and off screen, and we have someone very, very special here.” He then introduced a child actor who’ll be playing “baby Brian!”.

Co-star John Cena also posted an update today on Twitter, saying: “17 years ago today my @WWE journey began. It is FAR from over and has greatly changed over the years. It has given me chances to be brave and vulnerable. Today #FastAndFurious journey begins. Fear, the unknown, growth, and maybe a haircut await. Adapt. Overcome. Never Give Up.”

“Fast and Furious 9” will be getting a May 22nd 2020 release with Justin Lin returning to direct from a script by Dan Casey.