Gilliam On MeToo, Weinstein & White Men

Gilliam On Metoo Weinstein White Men

Filmmaker Terry Gilliam has made comments in the past that have gotten him into a bit of trouble, and it looks like it has happened again today.

Gilliam sat down for an interview with U.K.’s The Independent paper and after saying he was bored talking about his last film “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,” wanted to turn to other topics and he let loose.

On the #MeToo movement: “#MeToo is a witch hunt. I really feel there were a lot of people, decent people, or mildly irritating people, who were getting hammered. That’s wrong. I don’t like mob mentality.”

On Harvey Weinstein who goes on trial next week in Manhattan for sex-crime charges: “When you have power, you don’t take responsibility for abusing others. You enjoy the power. That’s the way it works in reality.”

On Weinstein’s victims: “These were ambitious adults … There are many victims in Harvey’s life, and I feel sympathy for them, but then, Hollywood is full of very ambitious people who are adults and they make choices.”

On white men being under attack around the globe: “I understand that men have had more power longer, but I’m tired, as a white male, of being blamed for everything that is wrong with the world. I didn’t do it!… [I’m a melanin-light male] I don’t like the term black or white. I’m now referring to myself as a melanin-light male. I can’t stand the simplistic, tribalistic behaviour that we’re going through at the moment.”

Gilliam is next teaming with Taika Waititi for a “Time Bandits” series for Apple TV.