Pine Talks “Wonder Woman” Differences

Filmmaker Patty Jenkins premiered the first poster for “Wonder Woman 1984” last week, the first material of any kind to appear for the film aside some still photos and brief footage played at conventions in the past year (and not online).

One of the big question marks that still hovers over the film is the return of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who is miraculously not only alive and well but having not aged in the many decades that have passed between film events.

Speaking with Variety, Pine won’t give away how it’s possible he’s returning for the new film but did respond to a question as to how the differences between working on this sequel and working on the first film and how this Steve Trevor operates within it – namely this time he’s defined by his love for Diana:

“What I think defines this series and perhaps the character, and certainly Patty’s interest, is redefining the notion of a hero’s journey as we know it. This is a woman, a superhero, defined by her capacity to love. I’ll say no more, but I hope audiences are moved in unexpected ways because they’re expecting something…[he trails off]…I’ll probably get a phone call from Warner Bros. for even saying this…What I’ve found this time [in Wonder Woman 1984], the tables had turned on me as a man in terms of how I interacted and played on screen. I loved my lady. I loved, as the character, my woman. My partner. So that came to define this man. What a wonderful thing as a character to be in love, as a man on screen in a big film.”

Pine also indicates he doesn’t really have any action scenes in this, and not for lack of trying on his part but Jenkins would shut him down whenever he wanted to be involved in one:

“It was interesting. My ego comes out, and I told Patty all the time, ‘I want the big f–king fight. Let me climb something! I want to destroy!’ And she’s like, ‘No. Not about you.’ And I’m like, ‘God damn it.’ She said, ‘Not about you’ more times making this film. (laughs)”

“Wonder Woman 1984” is still a while off and not expected in cinemas until June 5th 2020.