McQuarrie On Mustachegate & “League”

Henry Cavill’s mustache may have left us after the Superman actor shaved it off, but the iconic facial fuzz is going explode back into the public consciousness in a big way when “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” hits screens later this month.

Of course, the upper lip hairs that millions would line up to ride became famous when his contractual commitments to ‘Fallout’ meant he couldn’t shave off the moustache during “Justice League” reshoots and so CG was used to erase his mustache for several key scenes in that film. Unfortunately, the results were not good, at times leaving the actor with something of a mess of a mouth.

‘Fallout’ writer-director Christopher McQuarrie was recently asked on social media about ‘mustache-gate’ and decided to answer the question as best he could, but also teased a more detailed discussion about the topic in a forthcoming interview. He said on Twitter:

“I will talk about that in detail with Chris Hewitt on the Empire Magazine spoiler podcast. The short answer: We made every effort to accommodate ‘Justice League’ without negatively impacting our movie. There was nothing we could do.”

That podcast interview is expected later this month. The talk comes as a VFX reel showcasing completed scenes not in the final movie and from the original Zack Snyder-only directed version briefly went online this week, as did more speculation about Snyder editing his own cut from the footage he shot – the latter pure speculation at best though.