Kevin Smith Offers A Health Update Video

Following his having suffered a massive heart attack late Monday night, filmmaker Kevin Smith has posted an update via Facebook Live to discuss the hours leading up to his heart attack.

The nineteen-minute video sees Smith sharing his near-death experience which happened after filming one of two stand-up shows for his upcoming special “Kevin Smith Live!”. Smith said he started feeling pressure in his chest, but never felt pain.

Smith also admitted that he smoked two joints earlier in the day. He laid down and vomited and then called a doctor to be on the safe side. Taken to Glendale Adventist Hospital, he learned he had a heart attack and ended up cancelling his second show.

Smith reveals in the video he’s now fine, and in particular thanked Chris Pratt who has received backlash for his comment offering prayers. Smith said: “Please don’t fight over stuff like that, it’s a waste of time. Whether you’re religious or not, somebody praying for you is with good intentions.”