Van Peebles Returns With “Outlaw Posse”

Van Peebles Returns With Outlaw Posse

Nearly thirty years on since 1993’s “Posse,” Mario Van Peebles is returning to the western genre with “Outlaw Posse” which he both penned and will direct.

A spiritual sequel as opposed to a direct one, this is set against the rolling hills and the lawless towns of the wild west in the late 1800s. Van Peebles plays Chief, leader of a posse of black cowboys in search of truth & justice.

According to Deadline, the plan is to uphold the spirit of the earlier film in which his character led a group of black infantrymen after the Spanish-American War to find the men who lynched his father.

That film co-starred Blair Underwood, Billy Zane, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, Stephen Baldwin, Tone Loc, Pam Grier, Isaac Hayes, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Charles Lane, Stephen J. Cannell and Reginald VelJohnson. It was the first film released by Gramercy Pictures which later became Focus Features.

Of the new film, Van Peebles tells the trade: “This time we have badass and tough women riding tall in the posse alongside homages to notable real-life personages of the wild west. This is a posse of outlaws because when the laws were unjust, sometimes the just were the outlaws. We are living in our version of the wild west, and these films represent the heroes who fight for our daily survival as individuals.”

The project is currently in pre-production and casting is underway for the leads for a shoot early next year. Emmy-winning filmmaker Kip Konwiser and Christopher Miller will produce.