“Under the Skin” TV Remake In The Works

Under The Skin Tv Remake In The Works

A24 and Silver Reel are both reportedly bidding for the TV remake rights to Jonathan Glazer’s acclaimed 2013 film “Under the Skin”.

The plan is to turn the film into a quality prestige drama series, but it won’t be a remake – rather it’s being described as a spin-off and so obviously won’t star Scarlett Johansson’s Scottish man-hungry alien character in the lead.

Seventh Kingdom Productions, who produced the film, has gone under and so its assets are now available to be purchased by other companies – the rights to “Under the Skin” suddenly becoming available.

The film itself could easily expand on the film’s lore – going into more detail about the motorcyclist character and the alien’s overall plan. That said, a big part of the film’s appeal is that it doesn’t answer many questions and leaves much of itself a mystery.

Source: Deadline