“Shazam” Helmer Takes On “The Unsound”

Shazam Helmer Takes On The Unsound

Netflix has reportedly won the rights to a film adaptation of the BOOM! Studios graphic novel “The Unsound” with “Shazam!” and “Lights Out” director David F. Sandberg has signed on to helm the feature.

The story follows a psychiatrist who returns to the insane asylum where her mother is a patient and a former employee. As she falls into a rabbit hole of dark truths from her past, she comes to understand the hospital is hiding secrets.

In order to stop the bloody horror that’s been unleashed, she will have to confront the fact she and her mother have more in common than she’s realized.

Skylar James is attached to pen the script while Sandberg, James, Ross Richie, Stephen Christy, Adam Yoelin and Lotta Lotsen are set to produce. BOOM! Studios to date have only had one film adaptation to have hit the screen – the underrated action comedy “2 Guns”.

Source: Deadline