“Fortnite” Reboots Itself With A New Island

Fortnite Reboots Itself With A New Island

For ten ‘seasons’ over the past two years, the immensely popular free-to-play battle royale video game “Fortnite” has taken place on an ever-changing island where millions of people gather to play.

The other day however, developer Epic Games pulled off a fairly stellar marketing stunt which saw a dramatic and lengthy in-game cataclysmic event with the entire original island destroyed – sucked into a black hole. Indeed Fortnite went dark – the lobby and character screens were similarly pulled into the black hole while the official Fortnite Twitter account even deleted all of its tweets.

For nearly two days, the entire system was down as players could do nothing more than simply stare at said black hole with no sign of when the game would return. That changed at 6am US-EST on Tuesday when “Fortnite” returned with an all-new island featuring a map with thirteen different locations.

Dubbed the first season of ‘Chapter 2’ of the game, the new island is a wilder affair, skipping some of the first chapter’s urban locales for more mountains, forests, lakes and a lighthouse. New features include water gameplay, a bandage bazooka to heal teammates, new hideouts and new characters. Check out the launch trailer below: