First Trailer: HBO’s Scandi Sci-Fi “Beforeigners”

First Trailer Hbos Scandi Sci Fi Beforeigners

The first trailer is out for HBO’s quirky six-episode Norwegian sci-fi police procedural series “Beforeigners” which will launch on August 21st.

The story begins when flashes of the light in the ocean lead to people from three time periods in the past – specifically the Stone Age, the Vikings, and the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution – start appearing in the present with no memory of what’s transpired. These people keep coming and there is no way back.

Cut to several years later and these ‘beforeigners’ are now a subclass in society and tensions are rising. Alfhildr (Krista Kosonen) from the Viking Age is teamed with a burned-out police officer Lars Haaland (Cleve Broch) as part of the police department’s integration scheme. While investigating the murder of a beforeigner, they begin to unravel a larger conspiracy behind the origin of the mysterious mass arrivals.

The series hails from HBO Europe and “Lilyhammer” creators Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin. It will be available in the U.S. via HBO’s digital platforms.