Ben Wheatley Plans Brexit Zombie Series

Ben Wheatley Plans Brexit Zombie Series

“Kill List,” “Free Fire” and “High Rise” director Ben Wheatley has created “Generation Z,” a six-part Brexit-themed zombie black comedy-drama for UK Channel 4.

The Forge will produce the project which will be Wheatley’s first original created TV project, though has directed a few episodes of “Doctor Who” and “Strange Angel” in recent years.

Set in the present day, the future of today’s youth is bleak with seemingly endless austerity, astronomical house prices, insurmountable student debt, and a self-cannibalising political system. All of that is being reinforced by smug, self-satisfied, small-minded pensioners intent on making life a misery for everyone else.

In a small British town, tensions come to a head when a mysterious military convoy crashes outside the Sunnywise Retirement Home and their toxic load infects the residents of the retirement community – turning them into the undead. They’re old, they’re angry and they’re on the rampage.

As the military scrambles to control the outbreak and keep everything out of the media spotlight, a group of regular teenagers find themselves in the thick of the battle against the flesh-eating baby boomers.

The series will go into production in 2020 and will be executive produced by Wheatley, Mark Pybus and George Faber. Wheatley pens and directs.

Source: The Guardian