“Bumblebee” Quietly Rebooted “Transformers”

Bumblebee Quietly Rebooted Transformers

They haven’t officially said it before this point, but now a report at TFW2005 indicates that Hasbro and Paramount are planning to use last year’s “Bumblebee” as the launch pad for a new “Transformers” cinematic universe.

Previously, the film had only been described as a prequel. Currently still playing in select theaters, “Bumblebee” sits at $458.2 million worldwide and has been the best critically received live-action “Transformers” film to date.

That box-office figure is behind the disappointing $605.4 million worldwide that “Transformers: The Last Knight” earned in 2017, but “Bumblebee” came in at a notably cheaper price tag to make. The film was also set in 1987 so it’s not clear at this point what time period any follow-ups would be set in.