“Batwoman” Coming Out To Impact Storylines

Batwoman Coming Out To Impact Storylines

Sunday night’s “Batwoman” episode changed the game as Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane, in her Batwoman garb, officially came out to the world as a lesbian – the first major screen superhero to do so.

Batwoman hears the story of a teenage girl whose parents refuse to accept her real sexuality and, despite the huge risk to the secrecy of her real identity, Kate decided to make a public statement about her alter-ego’s true sexuality through a reveal in a Catco magazine article written by Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist).

Showrunner Caroline Dries, who wrote the tenth episode, tells THR the big public reveal will impact the show’s future storylines:

“Obviously, it reveals a huge piece of her ‘identity’… Now, it’s basically saying we just narrowed down the population quite a bit [regarding the masked hero’s identity]. That is one thing that will work its way into the story. The other thing is, and Vesper Fairchild [Rachel Maddow] says it in the voiceover, ‘What happened to politics staying out of our superheroes?’ What will ultimately happen is that the GCPD, who is in charge of the Bat Light, becomes a little conflicted about what statement they are making now when they put the light.”

Dries says that Safiya Sohail, Kate’s former lover in the comics, is one of the characters who is likely to appear in the future: “she has a very taut and dramatic relationship with Kate. So that is a character we wanted to explore.”

New episodes of “Batwoman” air on Sundays.