Trailer: “Hellboy” Super Gory R-Rated Reel

Trailer Hellboy Super Gory R Rated Reel

We’ve been hearing for a while how one big difference between the new “Hellboy” and the previous Guillermo del Toro films is the new one is much darker, much gorier and very R-rated.

Indeed the film is getting a rare R18+ rating in Australia (meaning only 18-year-olds or over can see it) and an attempt by distributor Roadshow Films recently to appeal the rating were knocked back. The reason? High Impact Violence throughout.

Yet the trailers, beyond the odd swear word, have avoided showing any real dark elements. That changes today as has premiered an exclusive super R-Rated, gory and foul-mouthed sizzle reel for the film which also includes a first look at Thomas Haden Church as fan-favorite character Lobster Johnson.

There’s so much face ripping, torso tearing and violent decapitation in the clip I can’t include the embed below. Instead, click the link below to head to YouTube to watch the blood-soaked shenanigans.

“Hellboy” opens in cinemas on April 12th.