Tom Hanks On Why He Doesn’t Play Villains

Tom Hanks On Why He Doesnt Play Villains

Everyone loves Tom Hanks, the loveable actor who went from playing 1980s naughty goofball in the likes of “Big,” “The Burbs” and “Bachelor Party” to turning out award-winning dramatic performances since the 1990s with welcome jumps between comedy and drama ever since.

The 63-year-old actor has played good-natured characters throughout his career but has rarely played a straight-up villain. Even when playing “bad guys” such as in “Road to Perdition” and “The Ladykillers,” they’re sympathetic performances which usually have a good moral center deep down that ultimately comes through.

Last time he tried to play a villain was 2017’s completely ignored and critically derided “The Circle” in which he played a shady CEO across from Emma Watson. In a new interview with The New York Times, Hanks says he’s well aware of this weakness and there’s a good reason he doesn’t play villains – namely he knows people can’t see him as being malicious:

“I recognized in myself a long time ago that I don’t instil fear in anybody. Now, that’s different than being nice, you know? I think I have a cache of mystery. But it’s not one of malevolence. It’s because I never get them, because bad guys, by and large, require some degree of malevolence that I don’t think I can fake.”

Tom Hanks’ latest role is as arguably the nicest man entertainment has ever produced – Mr. Rogers – for the new film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” which is receiving rave reviews for Hanks’ performance as the children’s TV icon and its core message of spreading kindness. The film is in cinemas now.