“Power Rangers” Reboot Has $105M Budget?

Lionsgate’s high-profile reboot of the “Power Rangers” franchise opens later this month, a potential franchise launcher from a studio desperate for more of them in the wake of their multi-billion dollar “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” films coming to a close.

The property has a long history and many die hard fans who they hope will turn it into hit as several sequels are already being planned. With a big franchise with plenty of visual effects though comes a big budget and today the Twitter account of Toei Films (via Screen Rant) has seemingly revealed the cost of the new ‘Rangers’ film.

The tweet indicated the film’s production budget came in at 12 billion yen, which is equivalent to just over $105 million. That’s substantially larger than a previously rumored budget of $35 million and more in line with the visuals we’ve been seeing from the film so far.

That suggests the film will need to do at least $250 million worldwide to go into profit. The new “Power Rangers” comes squeezed in between Disney’s juggernaut “Beauty and the Beast” and the so far well received “Ghost in the Shell”.