Jack Huston Rumored As Dent In “The Batman”

Jack Huston Rumored As Dent In The Batman

There was surprisingly zero updates about Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” which is currently in the works at Warner Bros. Pictures. We do know that Reeves has been working on the script for a while now, and that some early casting rumors began the other month.

Now a new report at Revenge of The Fans (via CBM) says Reeves is looking to cast a younger take on the DC hero, nearly two decades younger than Ben Affleck’s current incarnation, as they claim the project will ‘bear a resemblance’ to Frank Miller’s “Batman: Year One”.

That is said to be the reason Jake Gyllenhaal dropped out of contention and chose to play the villain in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” instead. The site also claims “Boardwalk Empire” and “Ben-Hur” actor Jack Huston, who was also in contention for Batman at one point, is now being considered for the role of District Attorney Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face.

The site has had some reliable scoops in the past, but consider their new report very much rumor for now.