Frank Miller Regains “Sin City” Screen Rights

Frank Miller Regains Sin City Screen Rights

Frank Miller has regained the screen rights to his iconic noir comic work “Sin City” which he created in 1991 and was adapted for the big screen in 2005.

Rights were tied up at the Weinstein Company which was recently sold for $289 million to Lantern Capital Partners. Miller had objected to “Sin City” being part of the sale to Lantern, and has since reached a settlement.

Miller now has the rights to develop a new “Sin City” television show, and has the film rights to 2005’s “Sin City” film which won’t be a part of the sale. The new settlement does not apply to the second Sin City movie from 2014 which earned just $39 million globally – a far cry from the $158 million of the 2015 film.

Source: THR