“Dark Phoenix” Gets Reshoots Next Month?

Dark Phoenix Gets Reshoots Next Month

In the annals of stupid rumors, one of the dumbest in years hit the internet earlier this week suggesting that with the Fox-Disney likely, the Mouse House would quietly cancel both currently in post-production X-Men spin-off films “Dark Phoenix” and “The New Mutants” and dump the films altogether.

From a legal and economic standpoint, the rumor makes zero sense. However in the wake of the rumor, another site called Revenge of the Fans has been asking around regarding where things stand on “Dark Phoenix” at the moment and their sources came back with a more reasonable response.

According to them, production is currently set up in Montreal ahead of several weeks of reshoots to take place across August and September. How extensive they will be is not clear, but they say whole set pieces are actively being constructed for the additional photography.

Earlier this month the film’s leading lady Sophie Turner confirmed reshoots would be happening in a few weeks, she wasn’t sure what they are, and Fox remains very much locked into its planned February release next year.