“Dark Phoenix” Reshoots About To Begin?

Dark Phoenix Reshoots About To Begin

Additional photography on Simon Kinberg’s “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” film at 20th Century Fox looks to be ready to roll with the filmmaker posting photos from the set of the reshoots including a shot of a chair for Sophie Turner which bears her Jean Grey character name.

Despite a report emerging last month that the reshoots would be extensive and last for several months, numerous follow-up reports and quotes from those actually involved say the pickups are actually scheduled to run for only three weeks or so – a fairly standard amount of time for a large production of this scale.

The studio hasn’t commented on the reshoots at all at this time, but they come almost a year after filming on the project concluded in October last year. ‘Dark Phoenix’ was originally slated for release in November but was pushed back to February next year in part because it is believed that the scheduling of its large ensemble cast means that this extra filming couldn’t be done until now.

Getting ready for a little pickup… #xmendarkphoenix 2/14/19🔥

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