“Avengers” Game Heroes New Look Explained

Avengers Game Heroes New Look Explained

Earlier this week the long-awaited “Avengers” video game from Crystal Dynamics revealed a full trailer and the subsequent reaction was rather mixed, much of the criticism and even mockery was pointed squarely at the design of the game’s main characters.

The game is based on the Marvel Comics property as such and NOT the film version, though touches of the film version’s looks make it into the game. The game’s director Shaun Escayg has now spoken with THR about the look of the characters.

Specifically he says they’ve worked closely with Marvel on the game, but always intended for the game to be its own thing rather than an adaptation of the ‘film universe’ and at no point during the game’s development was the idea of using the film version’s likenesses discussed:

“We knew we wanted to make an original Avengers game and go back to the roots in the comic books. We wanted to clearly show that this was our spin on the Avengers. Even the way we cast these characters was based on our story and our narrative.”

Escayg also says the game will incorporate an interesting multiplayer component where you can jump between characters:

“The cooperative element helps a lot. It’s almost like playing a different game when you get to each character. That was something that Marvel really pushed for. They said if you’re going to tackle Iron Man this needs to feel like an Iron Man game when you’re in his shoes.”

Finally he says the events of the recent E3 trailer, specifically the death of a certain MCU fan favorite, is key to the story. He tells IGN:

“Cap went down with the ship. The Avengers’ leader is Cap. The guy who always is logical, who always is able to bring this dysfunctional family together. Without him, how do they cope? This is part of the set up, part of the conflict. It’s, to me, the most exciting part of the story. What do the Avengers do without their beloved Captain?”

Asked then how Captain America will be a playable character in the game, Escayg says you’ll understand more once you play the game. The new “Avengers” game title hits May 15th 2020.