“Witcher” Showrunner Talks Fave Cut Scenes

Witcher Showrunner Talks Fave Cut Scenes

Netflix’s “The Witcher” has been a massive runaway success for the streaming platform, so much so that it has inspired a large fandom that has dissected the eight episodes released in the first season and can’t wait for more.

One obvious question that has come up is if there were any deleted scenes. The series has no shortage of source material and had to compress and change things around a bit in order to fit a TV structure.

Speaking with Pure Fandom recently, series showrunner Lauren Hissrich confirmed there were “many scenes had to be cut from the final episodes”. Whilst she couldn’t go into all, she did talk about some of her favorite scenes that didn’t make the end – namely scenes involving Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) and how her relationships to other powerful women in the series developed.:

“We had a lovely scene in Episode 103 [‘Betrayer Moon’] where Yennefer, Fringilla, and Sabrina all discussed how they felt about their transformations, and looking back, I wish we could have kept it. It was such a gorgeous example of female friendship, and it also would have served to ground Fringilla a bit more before she joined Nilfgaard.

We also filmed a scene of Yen meeting a very young Triss, who’d just arrived at Aretuza; it served to show how far Yennefer had come in her years at Aretuza, and created a sense of mentorship between these two sorceresses. Looking ahead at some stories unfolding in Season 2, I wish we still had those scenes! But I’m proud of what we accomplished.”

The series’ second season is already in the works but isn’t expected to premiere until sometime in 2021. The first season is now available to stream on Netflix only.