Trailer: Ken Loach’s “Sorry We Missed You”

Trailer Ken Loachs Sorry We Missed You

Following many plaudits for his 2016 feature “I, Daniel Blake,” filmmaker Ken Loach returns with the trailer arriving today for his next effort “Sorry We Missed You” which once again looks at the trials and tribulations of the UK working class.

The story ties around the gig economy and what are dubbed ‘zero-hour contracts’ which affect the employment of both main characters. Ricky (Kris Hitchen) is a former building worker turned delivery driver who receives fees rather than wages in his job. His wife, Abbie, is a contract nurse and home carer.

His employment means he is obliged to work for his firm by renting a van from the firm with strict delivery targets. He persuades his wife to sell her car, which she needs for her own job, to be able to afford to pay for the van. Ricky’s debts increase because of his employment situation, and his wife’s patients suffer neglect.

Paul Laverty pens the project which also stars Rhys Stone and Katie Proctor.