Tornadoes Aplenty In “Just Cause 4” Gameplay

Tornadoes Aplenty In Just Cause 4 Gameplay

Avalanche Studios has premiered a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming “Just Cause 4” showcasing the tweaks to this new incarnation of the game which is set in the fictional subtropical South American country of Solís.

The gameplay hasn’t been changed so much as the environments and some of the physics of the game as the Apex game engine has been rebuilt from the ground up to include dynamic physics-based weather systems – roaring blizzards, sandstorms, torrential rain, forked lightning and massive tornadoes all coming into play.

There will be quite different environmental areas but the transitions between each will be much more gradual and natural than previous titles. Your gadgets will also be updated with the grappling hook now capable of custom load outs including charge-pulse and airlift tethering. The latter can be combined with targeted booster rockets allowing you to do things such as turn shipping containers into makeshift zeppelins.

The wingsuit and parachute are still in play for traversal, but there’s now visible wind currents allowing for better gliding. “Just Cause 4” is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 4th.