Tomb Raider Game Reboot Comes To PS4, XB1

One surprising thing about this month’s launch of the next-gen video game consoles has been a lack of announcements about back catalogue releases coming to the new consoles.

HD remasters of PS2 games have been a hit on PS3 over the years, so there’s been questions regarding some acclaimed titles from before October making the jump. So far only a couple of high-profile titles are set – “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” “Flower,” and “Rayman Legends” which will hit next gen in February.

That changed yesterday when Amazon’s Italian website began offering Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of this year’s acclaimed “Tomb Raider” reboot. The listing for this ‘Definitive Edition’ said the game would come with all the DLC and an exclusive artbook, and would go on sale on January 24th

That listing has since been taken down, and Square Enix has not commented on it so far. It sounds reasonable though, and begs the question of which other acclaimed titles of the past twelve months could (or rather should) be getting upgraded next gen versions over the next few months?

“Bioshock Infinite,” “The Last of Us” and “Grand Theft Auto V” are the most obvious candidates, along with acclaimed late 2012/early 2013 titles like “Journey,” “Far Cry 3,” “Gears of War Judgement,” “Sleeping Dogs” and “Dishonored”.

Source: IGN