Shriek Joins Carnage In “Venom” Sequel

Shriek Joins Carnage In Venom Sequel

Marvel Comics villain Shriek has reportedly been incorporated into the plot of the Venom sequel, the character to join Carnage as one of the villains in the follow-up to last year’s massive hit for Sony Pictures.

The report comes from Deadline citing two sources close to the project while a Sony spokesman declined comment. Their source says casting is underway and the field of candidates is fairly wide and is “looking mostly at unknowns right now.”

In the comics, Shriek has been the sonic-powered accomplice and romantic interest of serial killer Cletus Kasaday, aka Carnage, Venom’s archenemy. Woody Harrelson played an imprisoned Cletus Kasaday in a post-credits scene in “Venom” and so his return is expected.

Shriek was a drug dealer who, after severe trauma allowed her latent mutant powers to emerge, was granted powers such as sonic energy blasts, flight, and the ability to stir up dark and violent emotions in others.

Andy Serkis will helm the film with Tom Hardy expected to return. Shooting will kick off early next year ahead of an October 2nd 2020 release.