Schumacher’s Third Batman Becomes A Comic

One of the first major tentpole films in development that this site covered way back in the late 1990s may finally see the light of day.

After directing both the successful “Batman Forever” and the widely derided “Batman & Robin,” filmmaker Joel Schumacher was originally slated to helm a third film entitled “Batman: Triumphant” based on a script by Mark Protosevich.

Schumacher has previously stated that following Tim Burton’s two films, the studio pushed him to make Batman more family and merchandise friendly – especially in regards to “Batman and Robin”. Schumacher want to go darker though, and after the widespread rejection towards “Batman & Robin” the hope was ‘Triumphant’ would allow him to do that. Unfortunately the project never made it out of development.

At the time it was rumored The Scarecrow would serve as the villain, with his fear toxin allowing for Batman to have visions of The Joker. At the same time, Harley Quinn would serve as a supporting character – The Joker’s daughter, whom is seeking revenge. There was even rumors that the film would begin with a big shock – the death of Robin at the hands of The Scarecrow.

Today, Bleeding Cool reports that Schumacher will revisit the Batman franchise with a twelve-issue comic book series that he will write himself. The series will outline his original and darker vision for all three films. “Batman Forever,” “Batman & Robin” and the unmade “Batman: Triumphant” will all be reworked into one singular story.

Dustin Nguyen will provice the artwork for the comic though no word on when it might hit shelves.