Review: “Original Sin”

Forgettable dreck, “Original Sin” shows how impressive locations don’t take away from the fact this is one of the worst directed pieces of crap I’ve seen this year.

In a movie whose story and tone demands smooth filming and little camera movement, we’ve got a filmmaker whose cut it in such a way that not only does the story come out as a bit of a jumbled mess, but one who seems to make cuts at the strangest times – someone will be at the top of a staircase, cut, they’re at the bottom of it, cut they’re somewhere else in town, all in the space of three seconds – that’s how the film flows not just in appearance but in story too.

Performances aren’t that great either, sure there’s some good flesh shown off but both Banderas and Jolie give disappointing turns which aren’t up their with their normal high standard. The usually interesting Thomas Jane has a rather strange role as an ‘inspector’ with a secret – one with mood swings, indeterminate sexuality and an almost soap opera style knack of turning up at the wrong time.

MGM has been pushing this back for months and its no surprise, its not even direct to video style fare. What could’ve been an exotic “Fatal Attraction” turns out to be one thing that movie never was – dull.