Rave Early Reactions For “Bombshell”‘

First Trailer Kidman Theron Robbie In Bombshell

There’s always a late contender or two in the awards race that doesn’t play its hand until well after the Fall film festival circuits. This year that appears to be Jay Roach’s “Bombshell”.

The film explores the Roger Ailes sexual harassment and workplace harassment scandal at Fox News from the other side of the equation – namely from the perspective of the women who brought down the infamous man who created both the media empire and the toxic male culture that pervaded it.

The film has now finally screened for critics and awards pundits and while no reviews are out yet, social media reaction has been flooding out with raves across the board for the feature and serious Oscar talk for Charlize Theron’s work as Megyn Kelly. Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman co-star in the film and here’s just some of the reactions that have been shared:

“Charlize Theron is uncanny as Megyn Kelly in Bombshell. It’s uncanny. I’m still awestruck. She and Margot Robbie are incredible. #Bombshell” – Gregory Ellwood, The Playlist

“#Bombshell is fascinating: a spiky, rollicking & relentless legal thriller. I love how morally complex the filmmakers and actors allow the characters to be; they’re not the heroines you expect, they’re just trying to do right. Charlize is unreal & Kazu Hiro’s makeup is insane.” – Katie Walsh, The Los Angeles Times

“Wow. @CharlizeAfrica as Megan Kelly. Well, she just entered the Oscar race big time. #bombshell” – Marc Malkin, Variety

“Charlize Theron is remarkable as Megyn Kelly. She disappears into the part, owns the movie. The cast of characters are hilariously Fox. Like Game Change and Recount ish. #bombshell” – Sasha Stone, Awards Daily

“#Bombshell is a knockout. It’s not what you think, not a finger-pointing partisan tract. It’s funny, nuanced, surprising and always entertaining. Loved it big time.” – Tim Gray, Variety

“Allison Janney playing Susan Estrich (and nailing the accent) is quite something, and it’s only about the fifth or sixth most amusing thing in Bombshell, which is way better than expected. Stars, writer and director unveiling it tonight.” – Matthew Belloni, THR

“I did not expect BOMBSHELL to gut punch me the way it did. Maybe that was naive of me. So many moments that women will nod in recognition with, such an incisive portrait of the way you have to navigate predators with power.” – Jenelle Riley, Variety

“Bombshell” will have its theatrical release on December 20th.

Source: The Playlist