Owen, Felton, MacKay Joins “Ophelia”

Clive Owen, Tom Felton, George MacKay, and Devon Terrell have joined the cast of the romantic tragedy “Ophelia” for Covert Media.

Based on the novel by Lisa Klein, the story is described as a re-imagining of “Hamlet” with a contemporary voice. “Star Wars” star Daisy Ridley portrays the title character, the most trusted lady-in-waiting to the Queen (Naomi Watts).

She soon captures the attention of Prince Hamlet and a forbidden love blossoms. As war brews, lust and betrayal are tearing Elsinore Castle apart from within.

Owen will play Claudius, MacKay will play Hamlet, Felton will play Laertes, and Terrell will play Horatio. Semi Chellas (“Mad Men”) is adapting the script while Sarah Curtis, Daniel Bobker and Ehren Kruger are producing.

Shooting begins later this month on location in Prague with Claire McCarthy directing.

Source: Variety