“Nightwing” Director: Hold Out Hope For ‘Dick’

Nightwing Director Hold Out Hope For Dick

Two years ago came talk that a “Nightwing” film was in development, one that had “The LEGO Batman Movie” director Chris McKay attached to helm. In the months that followed there was much speculation as to who would play the role of Dick Grayson/Nightwing with names like Zac Efron and Dacre Montgomery cropping up and being shot down.

In the past year or so? Nothing really. In the wake of the entire DC Extended Universe being retooled following the disappointment of “Justice League,” many of the projects related to DC Comics titles were put on hold – including this one it was speculated (but never confirmed).

With nothing new about the film in 2018 beyond brief word of a script draft being handed in eight months ago, many have given up on it. However McKay took to Twitter this week to tell fans to keep hoping:

“No [the project is not dead]. You’re going to have to wait tho. Keep hope alive. To paraphrase Dick Grayson: Nightwing lives. Always.”

In the comics, Nightwing is the name Dick Grayson adopts once he gives up the mantle of Robin and leaves Batman. Actor Brenton Thwaites is currently playing a pre-Nightwing version of Dick Grayson on DC Universe’s “Titans” series.

Source: Slashfilm