“New Mutants” To Be The Original Version?

Over two years after the first trailer premiered, the new one arrives next week for the long-delayed but finally on the way “X-Men” spin-off “The New Mutants”.

Word of the new trailer first came the other day in a surprising reveal from director Josh Boone. Boone helmed the film which was to originally open in April 2018, but a combination of the quickly moving Disney-Fox merger and talk of issues behind-the-scenes – including disagreements over tone – had essentially shelved the project.

Rumors were Boone had been removed with “Dark Phoenix” helmer Simon Kinberg to handle reshoots that would drastically change at least a third if not more of the film, and the stars involved in it expressed guarded unhappiness with the prospect (until PR reigned them in).

As time went on though, the reshoots didn’t seem to happen and Kinberg dealt with his own problems as “Dark Phoenix” took a savage critical and box-office beating. Disney execs meanwhile stayed fast to the party line that “New Mutants” would see a theatrical release and wouldn’t be dumped on a streaming service.

They seem to have kept their word with “New Mutants” on track for an April opening, and a series of Twitter exchanges Boone has had in recent days (posted on CBM and Twitter.com) indicates this will be his original vision of the film, no major changes, which is why he’s helping promote it as he’s back in control.

We should find out more ahead of the film’s opening in early April.