“Doctor Who” Team Tease S12 Reveals

Doctor Who Team Tease S12 Reveals


The BBC’s “Doctor Who” returned on New Year’s Eve with a big scale story in which mysterious and immensely powerful alien beings are wiping out officers from intelligence services around the globe.

The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) is enlisted by ‘C’ (Stephen Fry), head of MI6, to solve the issue and meets with an ex-operative named ‘O’ (Sacha Dhawan) residing in the West Australian Outback to find the truth which ties to leading search engine company CEO Daniel Barton (Lenny Henry).

This first part of a two-parter all lead up to the cliffhanger final five minutes of the episode with a big reveal – the return of The Master with Dhawan taking over the role last played by Michelle Gomez (“Sabrina”) during the end of the show’s tenth season in 2017.

Previously Missy was shot by a laser blast from her previous incarnation (John Simm) after she fatally wounded him, and the indication was the laser blast impaired her ability to regenerate – effectively killing The Doctor’s oldest nemesis once and for all. Now though, The Master’s back.

Dhawan is an excellent fit. A long-time staple of British TV, the “Iron Fist” and “History Boys” actor was previously mentioned as being in potential consideration to play The Doctor back before Whittaker took the role and appeared in the ‘Who’-themed telemovie “An Adventure in Space and Time”.

Funnily enough Dhawan also appeared in the new “Dracula” mini-series, which hails from former “Who” producers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and which premiered immediately after this episode aired.

After avoiding links to the past lore with Jodie Whittaker’s mostly standalone episode-heavy first season, the new season is set to bring them back in force with the reveal said to be the first of numerous ones this season according to Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall.

Speaking with The Express, Whittaker teased there’s more mischief to come from The Master in the rest of the series, suggesting Dhawan isn’t just in the two-part season premiere and there’s more of a reveal of what will happen across the rest of the season coming in the second episode. In addition, Chibnall confirmed the return of the Cybermen towards the end of the season.

Chibnall says the new season will have a more epic scope than the last season: “There’s two-parters, we very deliberately last year had single episode so that anybody could join in any week. And now these two-parters, I don’t know… there’s a greater scale to those stories… we’ve got a two-parter again in this series as well.”

The second episode of the new season of “Doctor Who” airs Sunday January 5th on BBC One in its regular timeslot with the remaining eight episodes to air weekly from January 12th through to early March. Check