Netflix’s “Resident Evil” Series Plot Details?

Netflixs Resident Evil Series Plot Details

A plot synopsis for Netflix’s currently in development “Resident Evil” TV series adaptation has emerged online after apparently being prematurely uploaded to a press-only website earlier this week.

Resident Evil Wiki (via broke the report, and says the synopsis reads as follows:

“The story takes place in the fictional town of Clearfield, Maryland, the back yard of Washington, D.C., the Umbrella Corporation and ‘the decommissioned Greenwood Asylum’. All are involved in the creation of the T-Virus with the series set some 26 years after the virus’ discovery.

This marks the first update in a year about the scripted series based on Capcom’s action-horror franchise which has spawned plenty of games and a $1.2 billion six-film franchise for Sony Pictures. Constantin Film, who produced the movies, is also backing the TV series and a separate and more horror-oriented cinematic reboot of the property.