“Joker” Soars At Box-Office Despite Criticism

Joker Soars At Box Office Despite Criticism

Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Joker” continues defying box-office expectations and is holding strong both domestically and abroad. The Joaquin Phoenix-led film, as of the end of its second weekend, has crossed the half billion-dollar mark at the global box-office with a $548.3 million haul so far.

In terms of European success, the film has reportedly surpassed the lifetime totals of the likes of “Logan” and “Wonder Woman,” while in Asia it has pushed past “The Dark Knight” and “IT: Chapter Two”. It’s certainly been the biggest success for Warner Bros. Pictures for 2019.

One thing the film has come under fire for is the use of convicted sex offender Gary Glitter’s song “Rock n’ Roll Part 2” in the movie – the one Phoenix’s character dances to down a staircase in one of the film’s key scenes. The concern is Glitter will receive royalties for the use of his work but a spokesperson for Snapper Music tells The LA Times: “Gary Glitter does not get paid” and the profits from the song directly to Universal Music Publishing Group. Warners is reportedly considering removing the track from future releases of the film on DVD and through video-on-demand.

One person who isn’t a fan of the film is Hugh Grant but not for its content, but rather its presentation. Grant attended a screening at Vue Cinemas in the UK and tweeted: “Am I old or is the cinema MUCH TOO LOUD? Unendurable. Pointless.” A spokesperson for the chain subsequently apologized to the “Paddington 2” actor.

Source: Collider