“Game of Thrones” S8 Runtimes Revealed

Game Of Thrones S8 Runtimes Revealed

HBO has officially revealed the runtimes of all six episodes of the eighth and final season of their fantasy drama series “Game of Thrones”.

Rumors were all six episodes would be feature length have proven to be not true – instead only the final three will fit that description.

Though some also speculated it would happen at an earlier point in the season, it now looks like the much talked about ‘Battle of Winterfell’ will likely be the show’s fifth episode. Here are the runtimes:

Episode 8×01: 54 minutes – April 14th
Episode 8×02: 58 minutes – April 21st
Episode 8×03: 60 minutes – April 28th
Episode 8×04: 78 minutes – May 5th
Episode 8×05: 80 minutes – May 12th
Episode 8×06: 80 minutes – May 19th

Source: HBO (via Winter Is Coming)