First Trailer: The “Jacob’s Ladder” Remake

First Trailer The Jacobs Ladder Remake

The long-delayed remake of “Jacob’s Ladder” will finally get a release on August 23rd and now the film has released its first trailer – the clip marking the first publicity materials from the project to have been released.

Adrian Lyne’s iconic original 1990 film followed a haunted Vietnam War veteran who attempts to discover his past while suffering from a severe case of dissociation and hallucinations.

David M. Rosenthal directs the new film which was shot back in 2016 and stars Michael Ealy, Guy Burnet, Karla Souza and Nicole Beharie in what is dubbed a ‘modern-day paranoid action thriller about two brothers’.

In the film a man is finally getting his life back together after the death of his brother in Afghanistan. He has a beautiful wife, a newborn child, and a successful career as a surgeon in a VA hospital.

When a stranger approaches him and tells him that his brother is actually alive and living in an underground shelter with other homeless vets, Jacob’s life starts to unravel.

He begins hallucinating, starts to think he is being followed by violent attackers, and becomes paranoid about the truth of what really happened to his brother. The new “Jacob’s Ladder” opens August 23rd.