“F9: The Fast Saga” Trailer A Massive Hit

F9 The Fast Saga Trailer A Massive Hit

The trailer for “F9: The Fast Saga” launched a little over a week ago, and in the days since has racked up some incredible numbers.

Across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the clip reportedly amassed 151 million global views in its first 24 hours, 262 million in its first 72 hours and over 493 million since launch.

That’s a record for the studio, while the 24 hour figure is the ninth overall most-viewed trailer launch of all time. The thirty-second Superbowl ad spot on its own drew a further 8 million views in its 24 hours following the game, whilst the trailer snagged 103 million views around game time.

The F9 trailer launch was so big it reportedly impacted all the other Superbowl movie ads this year. Last year four of the big game movie spots did more than 19 million views, this year all were under that bar “F9,” in fact some big titles like Marvel’s “Black Widow” did notably less than “Captain Marvel” did last year.

In other words, Marvel may have a film in May – but the new “Fast and Furious” is going to be the real juggernaut of the Summer.

Source: Deadline