David Lynch Short Hit Netflix Last Night

David Lynch Short Hit Netflix Last Night

Netflix has dropped the surprise release of “What Did Jack Do?,” a 17-minute black and white short film both directed by and starring director David Lynch who celebrates his 74th birthday today.

The story works on the simple premise of a detective interrogating a monkey who is a murder suspect and the short sees Lynch playing a man who is essentially a more sedate version of his “Twin Peaks” FBI chief Gordon Cole.

Set in a train station’s diner, the scene also has the monkey talking (and singing) though it’s not clear who provided the voice for the short. Lynch’s last work was his celebrated “Twin Peaks: The Return” for Showtime.

“What Did Jack Do?” was reportedly filmed back in 2016 and screened in New York City in 2018 and at festivals, though this marks the first time it has become widely available globally.

Source: Netflix