Danny Trejo Earns Most Killed Screen Record

Danny Trejo Earns Most Killed Screen Record

He’s played countless killers, but now veteran actor Danny Trejo has reportedly earned a new record that turns the tables – turns out he is the most killed actor on screen.

Buzz Bingo (via Bloody Disgusting) has done a Movie Mortality infographic which reveals Trejo has been killed on screen 65 times – more than any other actor in history and overtaking Christopher Lee for the record.

Lee himself had 60 screen deaths, while also in the Top 10 are the likes of Lance Henriksen (51), Vincent Price (41), Dennis Hopper (41), Boris Karloff (41), John Hurt (39), Bela Lugosi (36), Tom Sizemore (36) and Eric Roberts (35). The highest scoring actress was Shelley Winters with 20 deaths followed by Julianne Moore with 17.

Trejo’s screen deaths have mainly been from multiple bullet wounds but otherwise have included being crushed by an elevator, crushed by light rigging, crushed by a CRT TV, stabbed by a pool cue, stabbed by a pool cleaning wand, stabbed with syringes, garroted, exploded, beheaded, drill to the forehead, and jumping off a building.

Another interesting stat in the graph is one that lists those actors whose characters are most likely to die on screen in a film. Surprisingly Sean Bean didn’t top the list, in fact he came in tenth with his characters having a 42.3% chance of death. Topping that list was a tie between “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington and the late “Star Trek” alum Merritt Butrick at 62.5% each, while actors Mahershala Ali and A.J. Cook tied for second with 50%.

In terms of screen deaths by year, 1997 was by far the year with the most onscreen deaths with 330 total amongst the top 50 highest-grossing movies. 1990, 2014, 2017 and 2013 round out the Top 5.