“Birds of Prey” Overseas Launch Also Soft

Birds Of Prey Overseas Launch Also Soft

Sadly the soft domestic opening of Warner Bros. Pictures’ comic-book adaptation “Birds of Prey” did not get a helpful boost from overseas markets where the film debuted in 78 countries this past weekend.

The R-rated film took $33 million in North America, while overseas it launched to $48 million, bringing its global start to approximately $81 million – effectively the same number as the film’s production budget.

Fears of coronavirus continue to impact moviegoing in Southeast Asia, and the film still has a few other key places to launch such as Japan which won’t get it until next month.

Very little seems to be getting traction in overseas cinemas of late, aside from “Bad Boys for Life” and “1917” which have both garnered a bit over $150 million each outside of North America. Other titles such as “Dolittle” and “Underwater” have failed to take off.

Source: Variety