“Avengers: Endgame” Team On Cuts & Possibilities

Avengers Endgame Team On Cuts Possibilities

Timed with the Digital HD release of “Avengers: Endgame,” some of the team behind the film have discussed various elements of it ranging from cut scenes to narrative choices and more.


First up, scribes Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have spoken more about a scene they teased not long ago – one in which Thanos arrives in 2023 carrying the severed head of Captain America in order to taunt the team before the final battle. McFeely tells IMDB:

“When Thanos comes back, and he comes through a hole that Nebula has created and all that, we had to decide what the playing field was for that final battle, and one of the ideas was that she opens a time rift, he walks through from 2014 Earth, where he’s already gone and laid waste to the whole place. And so our heroes come out of the dust, they see this figure walking toward them, he crosses from light to dark or whatever, and it’s Thanos, and he tosses something at their feet. And it rolls and lands at Steve’s feet, and it’s his own head.”

Co-director Joe Russo says they tried for a while to make the scene work but it didn’t happen. Another scene they did go through with and filmed was a scene in which the team kneel to pay their respects to Tony Stark sacrificing his life to save the universe.

It’s a touching scene that was replaced in the theatrical cut with a scene of Peter Parker and Pepper Potts saying their goodbyes, while the funeral scene later in the film serves much of the same purpose. This cut scene also shows Gamora surviving and slipping away and it is viewable below.

Speaking of the funeral scene that did make it in, Joe Russo suggests to the outlet that it was the costliest day of the film’s production:

“We used to joke, and I don’t know if it’s joking, it’s probably the most expensive shot in movie history. That’s a lot of salary on the screen there. At the very least it’s the most expensive day of extras in movie history, outside of Cleopatra.”

Turning towards the future, both the writers and directors were asked about possibilities for other Marvel characters popping up, namely the X-Men to which McFeely tells Collider: “I think X-Men should rest a second. I could be wrong, but I think they should rest. But [Silver Surfer] could use a really good standalone.”

The writers were also asked by Screen Rant if there was a DC superhero film they’d like to write on, with Christopher Markus saying there’s one in particular he’d like a shot at:

“I mean, I think Captain America shows there are certainly ways to do a really good Superman movie in this day. You don’t have to dirty him up, you don’t have to get rid of his earnestness. I’m a big — the Christopher Reeve Superman is one of my favorite movies. So that’s one we certainly borrow from all the time.”

“Avengers: Endgame” comes to Digital HD tomorrow and hits disc on August 13th.