“The Predator” Reshoot Details Reveal Links

The Predator Reshoot Details Reveal Links

One film which went through some notable reshoots this year was Shane Black’s “The Predator”. Following an early test screening, several weeks of reshoots were ordered with a large amount of the third act getting retooled due to test audience confusion over the film’s tone.

The new ‘Predator’ follows a group of disturbed war veterans who face off against the titular hunters in a small town. As government scientists get involved, its revealed the creatures have been upgrading themselves with new abilities from every planet they hunt on.

Now it has been revealed that the film is both undergoing a 3D post-conversion, and will additionally incorporate several ties to previous movies in the series. AVP Galaxy broke the story saying Olivia Munn’s scientist character will see some grainy photos from the first two “Predator” movies while props like the “Predator 2” spear and Lex’s alien tail spear from “Alien vs. Predator” will also show up.

Sources for the site also say that ‘friendly’ Predators seen in set photos have been completely cut from the film, as has an entire APC sequence, and other hybrid creatures. Death sequences involving the more prominent characters have also been changed up.

“The Predator” opens in cinemas on September 14th.