Stephen Lang Offers “Avatar 2” Update

Hard to believe but the “Avatar” sequel was originally targeting a late 2013 release, that was until filmmaker James Cameron kept expanding the scope of his films and adding further entries so at this point they’re aiming to do four more films in the series. It has taken a long time to get things in shape but now it looks like production is about ready to kick into high gear in a few months.

One of the returning faces for the trip back to Pandora is the first film’s villain Colonel Miles Quaritch played by Stephen Lang. Lang, who stars in this past weekend’s box-office topper “Don’t Breathe,” recently spoke with AICN and says filming will begin early 2017. Talking about the delay:

“Yeah, the reading of things. We’re getting there. We’re in good shape. We’ll be starting certainly early in the new year. But you know, the thing is, as you can imagine with a film like Avatar, it’s not like the work hasn’t been going on. The design, the production design, the various worlds, and creatures and environments, that’s all being worked on.”

That’s what he’s done, he creates problems in which he then needs to invent a technology and a new way to do it, and I believe that’s part of the quite perverse joy for him in this is creating these seemingly insurmountable problems, and then bringing aboard people who can be helpful and say, ‘This is what we’ve got to do.’ So it’s a massive effort, but I have every expectation because I’m pretty intimately aware of what’s going. It’s going to be an absolute joy to behold.”

Lang says right now things are on track to meet the target release dats with “Avatar 2” in December 2018, “Avatar 3” in 2020, and then “Avatar 4” and “Avatar 5” in 2022 and 2023.